Transshipment and Transit Services PDF Print E-mail

In our continuous endeavor to provide smooth service to our customers, we undertake effective customs documentation for all goods in transit through Kenya to and from all countries. We have in deposit the necessary customs security bond requirement for the above for easy transfers.

a) The most common on-carriage transshipment destinations for sea freight are as follows:

  • Mombasa — Nairobi — Malaba —Juba, Yei
  • Mombasa — Nairobi— Busia —Kampala, Entebbe
  • Mombasa — Nairobi — Busia — Kampala, Entebbe — Kigali
  • Mombasa — Nairobi — Busia — Kampalla, Entebbe — Bujumbura
  • Mombasa — Nairobi — Busia — Kampalla, Entebbe — Kisangani

  • b) The most common destinations for airfreight transshipment are as follows:

  • Nairobi (JKIA) — Juba, Khartoum, Rumbek
  • Nairobi (JKIA) — Entebbe, Kinshasa, Lilongwe, Lusaka
  • MTFS ltd Nairobi Kenya